Quality Management

aspern Seestadt challenges investors, builders, developers, architects and engineers to rethink old ideas and discover new ones.

Seestadt has to fulfil the requirements of the 21st-century lifestyle as well as meeting the City of Vienna's ambitious energy efficiency and climate protection goals.
Seestadt is sustainable – in the planning of its buildings and outdoor spaces as well as with regard to mobility and energy supply. People and their needs are the focus of  everything we do. The development agency Wien 3420 aspern development AG is the quality manager for Seestadt. Its quality policy defines a set of binding values for high-quality development, the implementation of which is monitored and supported by the aspern Advisory Board.  All plots of land are awarded in accordance with a transparent, standardised quality assurance process.
Portrait of Peter Hinterkörner
Our planning principles and consistent quality management standards provide a solid foundation and ensure that Seestadt is an urban space with a strong feel-good factor.
Peter Hinterkörner, Urban Design, Wien 3420 AG
The 4 quality assurance pillars
The quality assurance process
The aspern Advisory Board

Advisory Board meetings in 2018:

19/20 March 2018
5/6 June 2018
30/31 August 2018
29/30 November 2018

Submission deadlines for project documents for discussion:

on or before 9 March 2018
on or before 27 May 2018
on or before 20 August 2018
on or before 19 November 2018
Portrait of Christa Reicher
All stakeholders involved in the process so far have been bold enough to tread new paths.  In many cases they have made the seemingly impossible possible, proving with every new milestone just how important it is to assert the need for quality, be it in urban planning and design, architecture, functionality or sustainability.  As a result we have seen the evolution of urban quarters with character, which both function smoothly and forge a sense of identity.
Christa Reicher, chairwoman, on behalf of the aspern Advisory Board
quality assurance pillars
experts to monitor and enhance quality
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